It's time to start planning our 50th Class Reunion and we need your help. Our 40th was such a great success - hard to believe it was almost 10 years ago! We are looking forward to next year's event and would like to get some feedback from our fellow Bowenites.

Here's your chance to help plan our next reunion. Could you complete the questionnaire below? It's short - and will take only 10 minutes or less. The response deadline is June 13.

And remember ... we can all do our part by reaching out to our fellow graduates. If they are on the Bowen class website, encourage them to join the party. If they haven't joined the website, give them a nudge. The more the merrier.

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1)   * Considering the location, food and program (MC, DJ, presentations), how would you rate the 40th reunion?

  Just ok.
2)   * What would you like to see changed from the previous event?

  Cash bar to lower ticket price
  Live entertainment
  Casual dress event
3)   If you chose other change(s) to the previous event, comment here:

4)   * As we look at venues, what location would you suggest?

5)   If you chose other, comment here:

6)   * Keeping in mind the choices you've suggested, and that other costs factor into a ticket price, what are you willing to pay?

7)   * Here's your chance to be more specific. Suggest a venue and/or a price point.

8)   * We can't do this without you! Your time and talent is requested. Please check the area(s) you are able to volunteer.

  Program (awards, entertainment, presentations)
  Decorations (hall, In Memorium)
  Printed material (badges, banners, handouts)
  Souvenirs/ Momentos
  Additional events (tours, other gatherings)
  Contact other Bowenites
  Venue (contract, dinner/bar selection)
  Wherever there's a need
  Not interested in volunteering
9)   * Does your elementary school have a website or Facebook page? Who are the administrators?

10)   * Last word ... anything else you would like to add?